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Umduduzi offers all our services within the many communities we serve completely free of charge, thus we are 100% dependent on sponsorship and donations to run our programmes. We rely on the generosity of our donors to enable us to carry out the important work we do bringing comfort and relief to the children of Durban and surrounding areas living with life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses and their families.

What do you do with the money I donate?

Every donation enables members of the Umduduzi Team to continue doing the vital work we do every day such as

  • providing palliative care expertise to support the medical staff caring for very sick children in hospitals
  • ensuring the child’s pain and symptoms are well managed
  • discussing options and planning for the best possible care as the disease progresses and then provide the necessary support for their decisions
  • providing compassionate and medical support for families to care for children at home
  • providing holistic care for the child and family which includes social, emotional and spiritual counselling and support
  • keeping our two play programmes at King Dinuzulu and Prince Mshiyeni Hospitals running

The Umduduzi Team consists of a medical doctor qualified in paediatric palliative care, a medical social worker, a nurse, a counsellor/translator and two early childhood education/playgroup coordinators.

We are incredibly grateful for any help and support you may wish to provide. We are a fully registered and accredited Not for Profit and Public Benefit Organisation and our annual financial records are available on request. As a small and accountable team we are always happy to discuss our work and finances with you.

Are my donations tax deductible?

As a registered Public Benefit Organization, your donations are fully tax deductible. Our SARS PBO number is 930046273.  Should you require a Section 18A certificate, please email us on to request one and it will be sent to you on receipt of your donation.

As all those who benefit from our work are from previously disadvantaged groups, the contribution also counts towards BEE accreditation.

How can I donate to Umduduzi?

There are a number of simple and immediate ways in which you can donate to Umduduzi. Please choose whichever suits you best from the list below.

1  Make an EFT deposit directly into our bank account

A direct deposit into our banking account is always very welcome! This way of donating means that all your money is channeled directly to Umduduzi without 3rd parties taking a small percentage. And once you have our banking details set up on your electronic banking, it will be very easy for you to donate in future. We bank with First National Bank and money can be deposited from any country around the world.

Our Banking Details

Bank:                         First National Bank
Account Name:       Umduduzi
Account Number:  62455793622
Branch Code:          250655
Swift Code:              FIRNZAJJ


2  Donate using Zapper

Zapper is another very simple way to donate to Umduduzi.

If you are reading this on your computer screen, pick up your phone, open the Zapper App and scan this code. You can add any amount to donate and are also able to donate the same amount every month if you check the appropriate box on the app. The Zapper App can be downloaded quickly and easily on any smartphone through iStore or Google Play.

Get Zapping now!



3  Join our 100 Club and donate R100 (or more) a month via debit order

As Umduduzi is fully dependent on sponsorship and donations to run our programmes, we need to know that a regular amount of money can be relied upon each month. This not only enables us to do what we do best, it also takes some of the burden off our shoulders of constantly having to find new ways to fundraise. We need in the region of R100 000 every month to cover our costs, which can sometimes feel like an overwhelming amount for our small team to raise.
We hope you will consider becoming a member of our 100 Club of supporters – that someone we can rely on to help us cover our monthly costs.  If we could get 1000 people to donate just R100 a month, we could rest easy at night knowing that we will always be there for the children in KZN with palliative care needs and their families.

To this end we invite individuals, couples, families and businesses to join our 100 Club sponsorship programme and contribute to the monthly running costs. To find out more and to sign up to this programme.

4  Donate through our Global Giving Project

GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofitsdonors, and companies in nearly every country. They help nonprofits from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (and hundreds of places in between) access the tools, training, and support they need to be more effective and make our world a better place. This platform is particularly useful for donors from overseas who wish to donate to Umduduzi.
Umduduzi has an ongoing project with Global Giving Increase Paediatric Palliative Care in KZN, South Africa and we aspire to receive $20 000. The project’s aim is to increase paediatric palliative Care in KZN, SA. If you would like to donate to Umduduzi through this platform and help us achieve our goal, please click on the Global Giving logo or on the link provided.


4  Donate with PayPal

PayPal is a tried and trusted way in which anyone from around the world can donate. One click on the Donate button at the top of this web page will take you to the PayPal portal and you will be able to add your own preferred amount to donate.  What’s more, with one little tick of the box you can make your donation a monthly one. 

Should you need to convert the amount you are paying from Dollars, Pounds or Euros (or any other currency) to South African Rands click here for an up-to-date currency converter.


If you have any queries or need more information, please contact us on

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